Grand Forks Photo Booth
Make Your Event More Unique By Renting A Photo Booth! 

Whether you are planning a wedding, a birthday, or another special event or party in Grand Forks, make it even more memorable by renting a photo booth to capture the memories!

These days, a lot of different, special events are choosing to rent a photo booth in addition to having a professional photographer. . It is an option that can add a lot more fun to your special occasion. A photo booth is an exciting alternative.

Imagine having a mobile photo booth at your next event. Seeing one immediately portrays ‘FUN!’ and gives a positive feel to your celebration or occasion. The photography becomes an actual activity within your party, and allows guests to interact and choose the type of memory they want to create. What a novel way to have all your guests feel like someone special at your event, and part of the party. It keeps the entertainment and enjoyment going throughout the entire celebration. 

There is something very vintage and charming about a photo booth. Perhaps it is something that sparks a feeling of nostalgia for those that can remember photo booths back when they were a staple in carnivals, fairs and even malls. Nowadays photo booths, like the photo booth rental options in Grand Forks, are more sophisticated; computer upgrading has replaced the old photo booth process. Computer evolution grants us all the luxury of seeing and printing the photographs we pose for almost immediately. 

Grand Forks photo booth gives you increased rental options! They will work with you so you can be assured you are getting exactly what you are looking for! Photo booths can fit nearly everywhere a party can go, and more guests can watch and participate! (Even your shy guests; there is always the option of the privacy curtain.)

This is an opportunity to capture the memories you want to remember forever! Don’t wait. Contact us today in Grand Forks and let us help you have the special event your guests will never forget with the help of a photo booth! 

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Why have a Photo Booth?

Great fun for everyone young and old 
Use the Photo Booth as a visual guest book 
Make great party favors
Helps keep guests at your event and helps pass time

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East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, Crookston
and surrounding areas.
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Grand Forks Photo Booth

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Grand Forks Photo Booth